Single-dual Color U-disk controller HD-U6A

HD-U6A is a U-disk series control card, through the USB port to update the program. Cost-effective, simple software to operate, better and rich display effects, supporting a variety of monochrome displays.


Content Parameters
Support module Single color, Various conventional scanning methods
Control range Single color resolution 320W*32H
FLASH Capacity 1M Byte
Communication Port U-Disk
HUB Signal 2HUB12
Program Quantity 1000pcs Programs. not support button switch
Area Quantity 4 areas with separate   zone, and separated special effects and border
Display Showing Text、Animation   word、Time、Count、Lunar   calendar
Display Display order
display effect


display effect




display effect


1. Text、Animation、Picture,   Time, Timing display

2. Border functions: Program border, area border, and Custom design border.

3. More than 40 kinds of   text effects display

4. support simple animation   characters

5. support for hollow fonts,   strokes, and other font settings

6. support for regional text   background settings

7 Support Excel form to add directly

Clock function 1. Support calendar, analog   clock, lunar calendar

2. is timing, a countdown   display

3. display font, size,   location, etc. can be arbitrarily set

4. support for multiple   time zone display

Extended Equipment Not support
Automatic switch screen Brightness setting by   Custom、by time   period regulation
Brightness adjustment Support two modes of brightness   adjustment


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HUIDU HD-U6A Single-dual Color U-disk controller Card



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